Choosing LED Light Bulbs: Practical Advice and Links for Sizes and Shapes

LED light bulbsWhen you’re looking for LED light bulbs, it’s not always best to just search for a cheap LED light bulb. You also want to look for good quality LED bulbs. Have you wondered how to pick out the best energy-saving or low wattage bulb or how to get LED light bulb info? Today, the best choice for energy-saving bulbs is LED. Choosing the right LED bulb can be a daunting task, especially if you are trying to fit it into a specific fixture or a recessed can.  I’ve tried to include useful LED light bulb information to make it easier. This is a guide to finding LED indoor light bulbs.  First, let me explain how light bulbs are measured. Light bulbs are measured in 1/8’s of an inch.  For example, a standard BR40 flood bulb that would go in a kitchen, bathroom, or living room standard 6 inch recessed can is 40/8th’s of an inch, or 5 inches across the face of the bulb.  

Choosing LED Flood Lights

This is a BR40.  It is a large, smooth bulb with a standard, medium base pictured here:BR40 Flood

When you choose an LED bulb to replace this incandescent flood bulb, you can just choose an LED indoor flood light that looks exactly like it, and is also 5 inches across the face, such as this LED BR40:feit led br40

If your trim, (the round piece that goes on the ceiling to cover up the drywall) needs to be replaced because it is old and worn, or is missing, you could go with an LED retrofit that screws into your existing socket such as the one shown here at    led retrofit trim

Another option would be to go with a PAR38 style lamp that looks more like a halogen and is a bit brighter.  PAR38 lamps are 38/8th’s of an inch = 4.75 inches across, so only slightly smaller, and you could choose one like this LED PAR38feit led par38

Your bulb may be a smaller flood such as a BR30 (30/8th’s of an inch = 3.75 inches across), or an R20 (20/8th’s of an inch across = 2.5 inches across) like these pictured here:

BR30 flood and R20 flood

Here are some LED replacements for the BR30 and the R20:

Choosing LED Household Bulbsa19 household bulb

You may need a replacement for a regular household bulb that goes into a lamp, which is called an A19.

There are many sizes available of this type and shape of bulb, so you want to be careful to get the right length that will fit into your lamp.  An A19 bulb is 19/8th’s of an inch which is 2.375 inches, but that’s the width measurement so you’ll want to make sure the length is also what you need.  A standard A19 bulb should be 4 3/8 inches long.  This is an excellent choice for an LED household bulb replacement at omnidirectional 

LED MR16 Bulbs

You may have recessed cans or landscape lighting that are low voltage and use a bulb such as an MR16 pictured here:MR16 halogen


This is a great LED MR16 replacement lamp available at Amazon.comled mr16 4 pack

For information on LED tube replacements (fluorescent tube replacements), please visit our LED T8 Tube Replacement page.

If you are looking for CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) LED replacements, please visit our  How to Choose LED Replacements for CFL’s page.  

Quad13 CFL w/2-pin base





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    • Hi Kelly, You would want to choose an LED bulb that is a warmer color such as 2700K, 3000K or 3500K if you want that warm, cozy incandescent look. I used 2700K in my living room in the recessed cans and the lighting is very “warm”. It’s amazing how much these bulbs have cut down on the heat in the room. 🙂

  1. The article answer the question, what are LED Light, and how to use them around the house indoor as well as outdoor. I have a house that was built in the late seventy, which was build with a light fixture in the ceiling. You address how to replace the lights, with LED retrofit.

    • LED bulbs are very well-suited for older style fixtures with regular medium-based sockets. You can just screw them in and they last for years.

  2. I picked up some nice ideas here for lighting changes I might be making. I’m impressed with the advances in this technology. Not just the bulbs but the creative designs and the sharp materials. Very interesting for a guy who still burns candles and a small lamp that burns hemp oil.

    Good stuff!


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