Classic Decor with LED Savings

Luna Crystal Beaded Orb Chandelier 5 Lights Black

LED Lighting doesn’t have to be some high-tech looking gadget from the future. You can have classic style and still get the massive savings of LED light bulbs all in one.


These gorgeous chandeliers all have regular-base sockets, but all you need to do is add some vintage LED bulbs and you can have stunning, antique, energy-saving fixtures.


Elizabeth Swoop Arm Crystal Plug-In ChandelierElizabeth Swoop Arm Crystal Plug-In Chandelier 5 Lights WhitewashedJosephine Mini Crystal Beaded Plug-In Chandelier 4 Lights BlackLuna Contemporary Crystal Orb Chandelier | 4 Lights | GoldLuna Crystal Beaded Orb Chandelier 5 Lights Black Theresa Vintage Crystal Plug-In Chandelier 4 Lights White
















These fixtures are shown with regular incandescent bulbs which use much more energy than new LED candelabra style bulbs. Here is an example of an LED bulb which fits into these fixtures. Shown below are bulbs with a gold tinted shell for nice old style, antique look.


Century Light - Dimmable Edison Style LED Filament Light Bulb 4W


You could also go with a clear lens for a more classic style.

Luxrite LR21203 (6-Pack) 6W LED Filament Candelabra Bulb



Those bulbs are bent-tip vintage LED candelabra bulbs, but there are also torpedo or blunt-tip style bulbs available, as well.


E12 LED Filament Vintage Light Bulb, Candelabra Base,4W


No matter which bulb style you choose, you will be able to achieve a wonderful authentic look for your decor.  Also, keep in mind that the LED bulbs only use less than 10% of the electricity with equal or greater light output, so you will still have all of the light you need with a much lower cash outlay for energy. For more beautiful chandeliers, shop the finest in handmade lighting and decor at


If you are interested in calculating your potential energy savings on LED bulbs and fixtures, please visit my page:

Energy Savings Calculator: A simple, easy to use formula


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  1. Thanks for the information here on saving some money by using LED lights. One thing that you said that I liked was that you will be able to achieve a wonderfully authentic look for your decor. We have been looking for some new lights, and I think that this would be really helpful! Thanks!


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