“Fall Back” on LED Bulbs for Daylight Savings Time

autumn clockNow that the time has changed and it gets dark earlier, there’s even more reason to replace your older, high-wattage light bulbs with LED bulbs. It’s getting darker two hours earlier already, so your light fixtures will be on even more until Spring.

Just to give you an idea of the extra energy usage, using my energy savings calculator formula I have calculated the cost of running a 75 watt bulb for six months, just two hours a day so you can see how much more it’s costing you. The hours of usage over six months would be 364 (2 hours x 7 days x 26 weeks). I multiplied that by 75 watts, then divided by 1000 to get the kilowatt hours, then multiplied by $.18 which is the average kilowatt hour price in my state. That comes out to $4.91 in electricity cost for just that 2 hours more per day over six months. If I had an 10 watt LED bulb instead, the electricity would only cost me $.66 for that same time period. The electricity for a 12.5 watt LED bulb would still only cost $.82 for that period. Considering that the LED bulbs last for 5 years or longer, they pay for themselves in less than a year FOR JUST THOSE TWO HOURS and then they keep on burning!

It just doesnelectric meter‘t make sense to use those old light bulbs anymore when LED bulbs can pay for themselves. You may be running your lights even more than an extra two hours a day depending on your room lighting, and in that case you will save even more. There are so many shapes and styles, and LED bulbs have become so affordable that there’s no reason not to install them. Also, knowing that you are saving energy and saving the planet is an added bonus.

For more information on ways to lower your electric bill with LED lights, visit my page: Best Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill.


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