GlowBowl Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight Review: The Unnecessary Necessity

I was thinking about how should I introduce this article for a while. I had so many intro lines that I have written, but I decided to scrap them and start like this:

Glowbowl toilet night light is one of those useless products no one needs.

This will be the first impression of most people who stumble upon it online.

But keep your mind open for the period of reading this post, and don’t dismiss Glowbowl as, by the end, you might want to get one for yourself. *winky face*

What is Glowbowl Toilet Light?

As the name suggests, Glowbowl is the thing that will make your bowl to glow, literally.

Fine, jokes aside.

Essentially, the Glowbowl is the colorful LED diode that is connected to the motion sensor. As you walk near the sensor, it activates the bulb that is placed inside the toilet bowl, and the reflection of the bowl makes it shine.

You, what the final effect reminds me of?

If you are like me and love Indiana Jones movies, you will be familiar with those scenes where he has found a crystal skull or any other artifact. When he enters the place, it starts to shine.

You can feel like Indie now when you enter your bathroom.

Got sold? Not yet? Fine, keep reading.

Mood Setter

If you don’t feel adventurous like Indie, maybe you need a bit more colors in your life.

Glowbowl can indeed help you with this. The LED bulb has 16 colors and five brightness levels that can rotate every couple of seconds, or you can pick your favorite and use it until you get bored and swap it.

On a serious note, it could actually be a good way to set up a mood in a bathroom. Who needs candles to set up a romantic setting when you can use Glowbowl, right?

Actual Practicality

Right as much as this light is fun and I am enjoying writing this piece of content, you can get a decent level of practicality of this light.

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If you use it for intended use, thus placing it in the toilet, here is what’s going to happen.

Usually, when you go to the bathroom at night, you will turn the light on. A couple of things typically happen when you do that.

First, if you have a bathroom near the bedroom and turn the light on in there, you can wake up your partner – ouch.

Second, as you turn the main light on your body might think it’s morning, even though it is 2am, and then you struggle to get back to sleep. But you really need to get that rest because tomorrow is a very important day. I have been there, and if you experience the same issue, let me know in the comments below.

Third, we all have the vision that adjusts to the lighting setting, and in the night, we activate our night vision. I am sure we are very familiar with that. If you have been long enough in a dark room, you will start to see you shortly. So when you turn light, your eyes adjust to it, and when you turn it off again, you are blind.

I don’t know about you, but man, I have hit my little foot toe so many times because of that.

Here comes the actual practicality of this light.

Glowbowl activates when you move in front of the sensor. This means that you will get into the bathroom, and based on how you set it up, it will turn on, so you don’t have to turn the main light. Your partner sleeps, undisturbed.

Another thing is the brightness. As I said before, the light from Glowbowl is not very bright to wake you up. You will go to the toilet to do your business and go back to sleep without waking up your body with the flashy main light.

At the same time, the light is not as bright to destroy your night vision, so when you actually leave the toilet, you will be able to see.

Bottom line:

You won’t hit any corners with your little foot toe.

Unusual Ways to Use Glowbowl

With this handy light, I was curious how else you could possibly use it. Here I have selected the most interesting ways to use Glowbowl other than putting it into the toilet.

Light Your Trash Can

Some people attach their light onto the trash can. What happens is that the can now glow, so when it’s an evening, you don’t have to turn the main light on.

The light is bright enough to shine through the standard bin bag, so no worries about that.

If you do that, I would recommend you to use the red light. It really creates a scary scene inside the bin.

Stocking Stuffers

During the festive period, you can create a very unusual atmosphere in your living room by fitting the light into the Christmas stocking.

Travel Buddyglowbowl for travel

Use your Glowbowl as the travel night light buddy.

Here is the thing, when you are staying for a couple of nights in a hotel, you are not familiar with the room environment.

So what can happen is that you might accidentally kick some furniture or either damage it or hurt yourself until you reach the bathroom.

Here is how Glowbowl can help you with this.

As you arrive, place it in the area that you will pass on the way to the bathroom, and the light will take care of itself.

Alternatively, you can place it on the towel bar or just on the hook, so as you walk in, it turns on.


Is it hygienic to use this light since it is placed in a toilet bowl?

Yes, you are right, the light is exposed to the bacteria present in the toilet without a doubt. The good news is that the Glowbowl is waterproof, which means that you can easily wipe it with anti-bac spray when doing the bathroom cleaning.

Does the light come with batteries?

Unfortunately, the light doesn’t have the initial set of batteries. You will have to get 3x AA batteries separately. Alternatively, you can consider getting the USB rechargeable version of Glowbowl.

Personally, I wouldn’t do it for a simple reason. To recharge the light, you would need to connect it to the USB port, probably somewhere near your computer. Considering that the light is placed mostly in the toilet, I wouldn’t want to have it near my PC or laptop where I work.

  • Making your bathroom fun at night
  • Great gift
  • Many uses outside of bathroom
  • Friends will laugh when they see it
  • Various colors and brightness levels
  • Waterproof
  • Bateries are not included
  • Some customers received defective products

Final Words

Glowbowl is certainly not one of those must-have products, but it is fun and even practical at the same time. So massive shout out to the person who has come with such a ludicrous idea at first sight.

I must say that I have really enjoyed writing this piece and reading about it from other users.

Glowbowl is also a great gift to buy for your friends or even colleagues as a secret Santa.

So donโ€™t hesitate and grab your Glowbowl right now on Amazon.

I would like you to share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Do you think it is more practical or more fun?
  • Do you think your friends would laugh if they receive it as a gift?
  • Can you come up with other practical ways to use Glowbowl?

4 thoughts on “GlowBowl Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight Review: The Unnecessary Necessity”

  1. Now this sounds very intriguing Shannon. I have a night light in the bathroom already and it works very well but is a bit brighter than these look. However it does also illuminate the sink for hand washing.

    The question I have is how are these toilet lights attached and how do you keep them clean? In Australia our toilets work differently from the north american ones. Ours start with much less water and then flush water comes from the top end of the bowl.

    It would be interesting to know if these work on our toilets and, if possible, fancy up the night lighting a bit.


    • Hi there. We have ours on the outside of the toilet because it just seems gross to put it inside. It has suction cups on it to hold it on. You can put it anywhere near the toilet because it has a motion sensor. ๐Ÿ™‚


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