LED Bulbs Save on Air Conditioning Costs

air conditionerDid you know that LED light bulbs and LED fixtures save on your air conditioning costs?  

Relative to conventional lighting technologies, LED bulbs are very good at converting electrical energy into light. Standard incandescent bulbs only convert 5% of the energy they use into visible light, which means that 95% of the energy is being wasted as heat output (unless you’re using it as a heater)!  In addition, all of that heat energy is creating a rise in your air conditioning costs.  LED light bulbs have an electrical efficiency of 100%, which means they put out as much light output as the energy they use.  They burn at a much cooler temperature than their other lighting counterparts.  So if you are creating far less heat in your rooms with LED lighting, it makes sense that you would save on energy costs.  With the AC-Factor being calculated in, in some cases you will have double the energy savings when you add it to the actual lowering of wattage of the bulb. 



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