LED Flood Light Review: 12 Watt BR40 LED 65 Watt Replacement. Feit Brand or Philips Brand?

led br40

I’ve compared two very similar LED BR40 flood bulbs which are both 65 watt replacements.  This comparison chart of Feit brand vs. Philips brand below gives you an idea of their features:

feit vs philips
So as far as brightness, these LED bulbs are almost identical.  The Feit brand is .5 watts more and puts out 50 more lumens, which would be barely visible, and the length of the bulbs is identical.  The Philips brand has a 6-year warranty compared to a 3-year warranty for Feit.  This type of Philips bulb has their “Airflux” technology which is supposed to provide for optimal cooling efficiency, but I have not seen heat to be a problem with any of the LED floods I have tested.

The biggest difference is the price. I have found that the Feit brand is far more economical in price.  You can buy a 2-pack of the Feit bulbs for about half the price that you can get one of the Philips bulbs.  Philips obviously has a great reputation, but I have been carrying Feit Brand bulbs in my local warehouse for years and have found them to be very reliable bulbs, and the company stands behind their products.

For the price, I’d have to go with the Feit brand bulb.

These are LED BR40 bulbs in my living room.  They give off fantastic lighting and they are dimmable.

living room ceiling lighting


I hope you have enjoyed this review.  If you have any questions about LED lighting or would like to add your own review, please leave a comment below.  If you are interested in how to choose other types of LED bulbs, check out my “Choosing LED Light Bulbs” page .


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