LED Vanity Bulbs

Companies are finally making attractive LED bulbs for vanities and other fixtures which not only save electricity, but look great as well. An LED vanity bulb or G25 bulb is the bulb you usually need for your vanity fixtures. The G25 bulbs are a little larger than a baseball, but smaller than the G40 large softball-sized bulbs, and have a medium base like a regular household bulb.

I have listed some below by color because you may have a preference on how you want the room to look or how it represents people looking in the mirror. The warm color tends to make people look prettier, and the cool color and daylight color are used for more accurate color representation. Below that, I also have some smaller G16 LED vanity bulbs in case your fixture requires candelabra base bulbs.

G25 LED Vanity Bulbs

feit g25 led


G25 LED 2700K (Warm) Vanity Bulbs





g25 4000k led vanity bulb


G25 LED 4000K (Cool) Vanity Bulb

(Has a “whiter” color and will look brighter)




g25 5000k led vanity bulb


G25 LED 5000K (Daylight) Vanity Bulb

(Has a very “white” color and will look the brightest)




G16 LED Vanity Bulbs

Sometimes fixtures have sockets that are a smaller (candelabra base) size and you need to put in the smaller golf ball sized bulbs (slightly larger than a golf ball). Those are G16 bulbs and are available in both white (frosted) and clear. I prefer the white, because you don’t see the LED filament inside.

g16 white led


G16 LED Soft White (Warm) Frosted Candelabra Base Vanity Bulbs





g16 4000k white


G16 LED 4000K (Cool) Candelabra Base Vanity Bulb





g16 clear led


G16 LED Soft White (Warm) Clear Candelabra Base Vanity Bulbs





If you have any questions or need further information, please fee free to leave a comment below.



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