LED’s are in Thousands of Products

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LED bulbs are saving us energy

Did you know that LED light bulbs are installed into many, many energy saving products including TVs, toys, cars, electronics equipment, appliances, and tons more? An LED bulb is so much more efficient than other types of bulbs, that it makes it a benefit to use them not only for the manufacturers, but also for the end-user. The manufacturers benefit by producing products that don’t create as much heat and have longer-life bulbs, and the end-user benefits for both of these reasons, plus they save energy over older, less efficient bulbs.

A major example of a product that benefits from the use of LED’s are Televisionssamsung 55 inch led tv For example, this Samsung TV is backlit with a whole panel of LED bulbs, allowing it to be very low-profile, and stay much cooler. From 2006 to 2011 alone, energy consumption for TV’s fell about 60%, when manufacturers switched to producing LED TV’s from the older plasma technology. And, a new 32-inch LED TV uses 75% less energy than a 32-inch cathode ray tube, costing about $12 per year as opposed to $46 for the older style TV.

opt7 led headlight kitAnother product that incorporates many LED’s is the automobile. Auto makers started using LED lamps for headlights, tail lights, and other accessory lights several years ago and have never looked back. This has allowed them to design many different sizes and configurations, and also allows for greater dimming control. They even make LED kits to convert headlights of older cars to LED. Many people prefer the bright, white light of the new LED headlights, and they get a much longer life out of them than standard headlights.


tall easy led speakersAnd then there are products where the LED bulbs are not obvious, but are being used to back light displays, knobs, and buttons likepioneer vsx-523 receiver stereo receivers. Most of us don’t think about stereos, receivers, remotes, or speakers, but LED’s all allow these products and other very small items to be lit and the bulbs can last for years. Companies are even making speakerslight show speaker with LED lights that flash to the beat and pulse with your music. Most of these designs never could have been done before the use of LED’s was streamlined and perfected.

The toy industry has greatly benefitted from the use of LED light bulbs because of their small size, making many fun designs possible. Take this key chain for example. doctor who mini torch led key chainIt also doubles as a bright LED flashlight that could not have been made without the small-sized gosports led light up flying discLED bulbs that are bright enough to light up an area, yet last long enough to make it worth buying. Or, how about this LED Frisbee toy? Even if it had been possible to put a light in a Frisbee in years past, no one would have bought one knowing that the light would be burned out shortly and couldn’t be replaced. This has created endless possibilities for fun inventions and creative toys.


cuisinart microwaveAppliances have many features that need lighting such as displays, clocks, and buttons. LED’s have made it possible for coffee makers and keurig rivo cappuccino and latte systemmicrowaves to have beautiful white or colored lighting enhancing their appearance and functionality. Everything from refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers use LED lighting.


wilson & miller tactical led flashlight

Flashlights are a lot better and brighter now that LED bulbs are incorporated into them. LED flashlights have as much as 30 to 40 times more light output or lumens than the old incandescent or even krypton and xenon bulb type flashlights. The LED bulbs can last 10 to 20 times longer, as well.


quadcopter drone

Drones have LED running lights to light their way. Affordable drones are available everywhere now, when they used to be something only the wealthy could buy. You can even get spot lights to add on to your drone as a drone spot headlight.


mohem led shoesWho knows what the future holds for LED lighting? They’re even putting them in shoes and gloves now, and you no longer even need to light candles because you can get them with LED bulbs that change colors. The possibilities are endless.fragrance spectrum led candles


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