Light Up Your Patio

colored paper string lights


Summertime is the time you want to be outside at night and lighting is the ultimate decoration for patios and yards. Adding string lights to fences, patios, and plants makes your yard look like a designer did it and it’s so easy. Check out these awesome LED patio and yard lights.


So simple to do and it adds so much to your yard to run some string lights across your patio, fence, or around a tree.

led string lights on patio


You can do almost anything with these LED fairy string lights. Run them across an outdoor table, along the side of your patio wall, or add to a tree.

LED fairy string lights


Add a cool Asian flare to your outdoor decor with some LED paper lantern lights. Available in white or in colors.

LED colored paper string lights


Paper lantern lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to capture whatever style you want to achieve. Some are even battery operated.

LED rectangular paper string lights


Solar powered light strings allow you to put them anywhere away from a power source.

LED solar powered lantern string lights


Icicle curtain string lights can be used anywhere for any occasion to light up an area and make it look fantastic.

led curtain string lights white


Wooden lantern string lights add a touch of class to any outdoor patio setting.

wooden lantern style string lights


Something creative and totally unique makes your patio stand out for parties.

LED mason jar light


Hanging lantern string lights make it look like you have fixtures installed along your patio.

LED black lantern string lights


I absolutely love these unique water drop LED lights and they are solar powered. Use them anywhere.

LED icicle water drop fairy string lights


Use your imagination to mix and match and create a lighting wonderland for your outdoor entertainment area.



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