Spring is a Great Time to Add Landscape Lighting


A lot of us get the urge to do some Spring cleaning as soon as the weather starts getting a little warmer. While you’re clearing out leaves and debris from your yard and garden planters, why not add some new landscape lights to brighten up your yard at night?


Going with solar landscape fixtures is an easy way to add lighting to your yard without having to run low-voltage wire and get electricity to a transformer. I’ve been using these in my yard for the last couple of years and they work great. You just need to find a good sunny spot for the small solar panel and place your fixtures nearby. Consider adding some solar flood fixtures to up-light trees, shrubs, or flowers. These look great and give your home a very¬†classic look.



Another nice way to get some light accents into your yard is to add some solar path lights. These are very subtle and add just a touch of light to a path or planter. They’re so easy to install; you just push them into the ground and they’re ready. This type of fixture is not very bright, so I don’t recommend them for security lighting or to light up a path if you need bright light. They just throw a small band of light for a nice accent.



Solar path lights are available in a variety of styles. I really love these solar bollard fixtures. They are very modern and stylish, reasonably priced, and add a classy flair to your walkways. These are also easy to install by pushing the bottom ground spike into the dirt.




One of my absolute favorite lighting ideas is using solar string lights around the yard. I like to run these along fences, planter boxes, patios, and around trees to give my yard splashes of light. Since they’re solar and LED, there is no transformer or outlet required and they’re super easy to install. And there is no energy cost!




A creative way to light up the outside of your house or your walkways is to add some solar rope lighting. These can be laid or run almost anywhere, they’re waterproof, and they’re surprisingly bright. Rope lights are a great way to light up a path in very dark areas, and also look great run along the edge of house trim. There are a million ways to get creative with rope lighting.



The best thing about all of these solar lighting ideas is that they all run at no energy cost which is great for your wallet and great for the environment!




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