Light Bulb Picker

light bulb picker

With the current booming market of lighting, it can be overwhelming to select the correct bulb given the number of shapes and bases.

With this in mind, I have decided to make it simple for you and create a central database of all the bulbs.

I have started with the most common types, and I keep working to cover an as wide range as possible of all the LED bulbs.

I hope you will find it helpful and easy to get the correct bulb for your home.

How To Use The Picker

The picker has two simple questions. It will first ask you to select the shape of the bulb you are after and the base of the bulb.

Remember that the supplemented icons are not the precise shape or base. It should instead serve you as guidance. Select the body closest to the bulb you want or need to replace.

Once you select both shape and base, the picker will come up with the suggestions of the bulbs that are relevant to what you are looking for and its basic information supplemented with an image.

When you see the bulb you need, I suggest you check the bulb’s dimensions to avoid any incompatibility and ensure the base is of the correct diameter.

What If My Bulb Is Not In The List?

If the bulb is not on the list, or I don’t currently have the bulb in the database, you can do two things.

You can submit the attached form within the “Not Found” result.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with me via the form attached on the About Me page, and let me know that I am missing a bulb.

Now, without further ado, let’s try it yourself 🙂

What Is The Approximate Shape Of The Bulb?
What Is The Base Of The Bulb?