Author: Eugen

LED Lighting: Permanent or Removable Solution?

When you want to replace your older light bulbs or light fixtures with newer LED’s, there can often be many options to choose from. Having been in the lighting business for almost 25 years, I’ve seen many technologies come and go. One thing that has been a steady, consistent option is the standard Edison screw-in

LED’s are in Thousands of Products

LED bulbs are saving us energy Did you know that LED light bulbs are installed into many, many energy saving products including TVs, toys, cars, electronics equipment, appliances, and tons more? An LED bulb is so much more efficient than other types of bulbs, that it makes it a benefit to use them not only

LED Light Bulbs are the New Normal

Whether you’re looking for light bulbs for your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor fixtures, you’re probably going to find that what are available now are LED bulbs. Light bulb manufacturers have re-tooled their factories to produce LED bulbs in place of incandescent bulbs and have been doing so for years now ever since the newer energy efficiency

Are LED Bulbs More Expensive?

People ask me all the time, “Are LED lights more expensive than other types of light bulbs?” The answer is almost always “No”, but to figure out how much you will save by using LED bulbs, you have to know the wattage and hour ratings of both types. For example, a 23 watt fluorescent BR40

Vintage LED bulbs

Looking for a vintage light bulb or a unique light bulb that saves energy?  I have a few to show you. These look really cool in fixtures where the bulb is exposed. Cmyk® Dimmable 3w Edison LED Bulb Vintage Light Bulb Retro (Energy Save) Warm White 110v E26 Screw – Squirrel Cage (3 Watts) This

LED TVs Use LED Light Bulbs to Save Energy

Are LED TVs better? Did you know that new flat-screen TVs use LED bulbs to light the LCD panels inside? This technology can save a lot of energy and they are constantly being updated and improved. The two different kinds of LED lighting inside of LCD TVs are Full-Array vs. Edge-Lit. A TV with full-array

Different Colors of Lighting

If you’re unsure what light bulb colors are all about, you’re not alone. Many light bulbs have a bunch of numbers on them and sometimes it’s hard to tell what they mean. Light bulb colors are measured by Kelvin temperature so you will see a number on a bulb like “2700K”, or “27K”, or even