Author: Eugen

Do LED Lights Use Less Power Than Fluorescent?

Incandescent bulbs are out of style and will be a defunct technology in the coming years, like the phonograph and Walkman, replaced by something better. Most countries are phasing them out with Australia leading the way back in 2007.  This worldwide trend is a welcoming one, as the European Commission estimates that by 2020 the

15 Cool Uses of LED Lighting

As technology improves with LED’s, new innovative products keep coming out every day. I’ve found some of the most unique LED products that are fun and add flair to your home or business. Some of these are unique LED novelty products and some are useful LED items.   Do you have a home bar area?

Light Up Your Patio

  Summertime is the time you want to be outside at night and lighting is the ultimate decoration for patios and yards. Adding string lights to fences, patios, and plants makes your yard look like a designer did it and it’s so easy. Check out these awesome LED patio and yard lights.   So simple

Light Fixture with a Camera and Alarm

The Ring Doorbell is a pretty cool invention, but have you seen this new light fixture with a security camera and a two-way intercom? It also has motion detection and an alarm so you can scare potential intruders away from your home. The Kuna Home Security Outdoor Light and Camera is a nice Craftsman style

Work Light You Can Take Anywhere

I was looking around for the best rechargeable LED work light that I could use in places where I have no outlet, like the baseball cages and the park. I found this one which is fantastic because it has super bright LED light strips in it, and it’s a battery operated flood light so it

What’s the Advantage of LED Flashlights?

  Flashlights are tools that everyone uses. We need them for emergencies, finding things in the dark, in our cars, and camping. They have many uses and are invaluable tools.   But why should we be using LED flashlights? There are a few reasons, but the most important is that they’re brighter at a lower

Classic Decor with LED Savings

LED Lighting doesn’t have to be some high-tech looking gadget from the future. You can have classic style and still get the massive savings of LED light bulbs all in one.   These gorgeous chandeliers all have regular-base sockets, but all you need to do is add some vintage LED bulbs and you can have stunning, antique,

Are You Saving Energy and Money?

  If you still have incandescent or fluorescent bulbs installed in your fixtures, chances are that you’re using more electricity than you need to. Even if those old light bulbs are still working, you can save money by replacing them now rather than waiting for them to burn out.   Consider that a 100 watt