Author: Eugen

Top LED Security Light Fixtures on Amazon

I’ve put together a list of nice, high-quality security fixtures available on Amazon to make it easy for people to look at a small selection and make an educated choice. I have chosen some different options with different features depending on the user’s needs and mounting. These are the ones I really like. All-Pro FSL2030LW,

Holiday LED Light Strings

Do you need Christmas string lights or string lights for Hanukkah? Why not get them ahead of time instead of fighting the crowds and paying more for poor quality. I have a list here of the best holiday light strings at great prices. I have found that if you order them online, you will get better

LED Landscape Lights

When you’re looking for LED landscape lights, you want to find the best quality landscape lighting, because you don’t want to keep installing cheap fixtures over and over again and have them rot out or fail. You will need to decide whether you want to use regular 110 line-voltage LED fixtures or low-voltage LED fixtures.

Halloween LED Light Strings

Just in time for Halloween, these fun light strings are available for your spooky decorating pleasure.   Hurry and get some! Halloween String Lights       Halloween Ghost String Lights               TaoTronics LED Copper Wire String Lights               Ghost and Pumpkin Battery

LED Vanity Bulbs

Companies are finally making attractive LED bulbs for vanities and other fixtures which not only save electricity, but look great as well. An LED vanity bulb or G25 bulb is the bulb you usually need for your vanity fixtures. The G25 bulbs are a little larger than a baseball, but smaller than the G40 large softball-sized

Modern LED Outdoor Wall Lights

If you’re looking for high end modern LED outdoor lights, there are some great LED fixtures available for porch lights or area lights that are wall-mounted. A modern porch light can make a huge difference in giving your house curb appeal. If you have something modern and unique in mind, I have found a great